I have spent so long with my head buried between books trying to live in someone else's world. I give my thanks everyday that I can but now I want to write of my own sunflowery-life. This space is dedicated to empowering and uplifting those that need more than a you can do it. I strive to create a space where realness is encouraged and forgiveness is apparent.

Small Side Hustle

These are for trips that don’t last too long but that take me out of the area. Stay tuned for more small trips or sponsor me to fly around and tell you how to be more cofident ❤ Spring Break 2018 March 28th: My new Ba(e)y April 12th: End of the Bay


Summer 2018

This is the summer of realizing confidence with travel. Not at all a finished list but a work in wonderful progress. July 16th: Lounge Pancakes and the Big eye July 19th: Malls, Malls, Malls…