I’m Pelumi and welcome to Pelum’s Posts. I wish there was a clever story as to how the name originates but it originated how most things in my life do; in passing. Sitting at work with my eyes looking inquisitively at my computer I told my coworker how much I wanted to create a space for myself. She — like most friends, supported my endeavor and then because she so believed in my ability we came up with this name together.

The world is full of “perfect” lives and influences showing you lives you wish you had. With all of us being so inundated with lives that we feel that we cannot have or wanting to strive to “perfection”, we lost track of how amazing we each are.

I want to open peoples minds up to the little, and how to find confidence and importance in those that we might never stop to ponder. I aim to create a space that will uplift and reach out.

In addition to little words of affirmation, I also find my confidence in travel and finding myself through exploring the world.  I love to travel and give unwarranted advice but all in the hopes of creating more confidence in me and all those around me. I hope to make this an extension of my mind and a place where we can all get our fix of the little things.

I leave you with this: “How can a woman be expected to be happy with a man who insists on treating her as if she were a perfectly normal human being” – Oscar Wilde

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