I hate my body

There will be times that you hate your body. That the self help skills wont work. Sometimes you cant dance your way out of this anxiety. You cant bubble bath and exercise your way out of this mindset. 
So you hate your body?


Hate it. 

You are not just your body. You are the stories that flow out of you. The way your voice loves to sing. The clothes you can make. The jokes you can tell. The handstand and running feats your legs are proud of. 

We are so much more than the way our skin hangs. We have aspects and layers and talents waiting to be unfurled. 

On days that self care doesn’t work. On days that affirmations let you down. Remember that that is ok. You are more than your body. 

I will forever advocate for the way that your body moves but sometimes you cant love yourself and you are worthy on those days too. 

Question for you: on days you don’t love your body, what else do you love?


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