You don’t have to

Here is the problem with the mindset around the word have. “I have to go to school”
“I have to go to the gym.”
“I have to go see this and do that…” And to be quite frank?

I think you’ve missed the whole point of being the beings of magic that we are. 

This is to say that the opportunities awarded to you, the experiences that surround you do not grow with a “have to” mindset. I have spent years of my life in a hazy fog of what I have to do and who I have to please. 
But here is the revolution. Here are the prison guard keys to your chains. You do not HAVE TO do anything. My beloved you get to. 

This moment that you are in, remember the times you cried for it. Remember the times you prayed for it. This is it. It is here and you get to revel in the presence of your hard work. 

I am not saying that times and things do not start to take their toll and that this is the only way to reflect and revise your thinking. 
But I implore you to, the next time you sit and complain and say that you have to do this assignment or you have to go to this thing. Remember that you get to. Remember that this situation and opportunity is unique to you.

What do you get to do today?


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