How to find love on Valentines day

Thank you all so much for continuing to support me and allowing me the time to grow in what I love to do.

Please keep a lookout for a complete change and overhaul in the next couple months. But in the meantime. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!

To all those that do not have a valentine, here is how to get one.

Dear Beloved, 

This is how to love…. choose. 

So often we crave a feeling. We want butterflies and swept hair and dance numbers in streets. 

The foundation of new love always starts with yourself. 

Check in with you. 

Forgive yourself, for all those times you have felt not good enough. All those times you have put your self worth in other people. 

Love might start as a feeling but it can only continue with a choice. 

Choose to communicate. Choose to not walk away. Choose to love the way your body feels. Choose to love the way their mouth stays open as they eat. 
Choose yourself first.

Realize that the bubblegum butterfly feeling might not always be there. But that is not what signifies where you are at. 
The choice to love them because of their flaws. The choice to not let one argument of no butterflies be the end. 

On this day of love, realize that love is more than the one that buys you chocolate. It is the choice that you make to know that they are lucky to have you. 

And if you have no one, spend this time loving yourself. 
Beloved, people will come and go but the love you choose for you will stay. Forgive, be love, and watch what happens. 
I am so proud of where I am today. A day where I have spent it loving on myself. Eating all the chips and falling more in love with the way my body moves

How are you choosing love today?


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