Do you know?

Do you know that feeling when you’re doubled over, breathless, tears streaming down your face, mouth open in soundless laughter?

May you never forget the air that you took in. The way your body curled into itself. Loved and warm. 
May you remember that no matter how much they bury you, you will grow. 
Your wordless eyes and soundless laughter have swallowed the sun. You are growing inside of you. 
May your arms remember the way they held on to anything for support as joy and happiness left you dazed. 
That is you. 
Your presence beloved is the joy and happiness that your body craves. 
To those that wear out the welcome mat. 
To those that do not realize that your tears are nothing but sustenance. 
Do you not know that I cannot drown. I will breathe through the water and let happiness be my anchor.

What do you hope to remember today?


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