Letter to yourself

Hello Lovies!

In this third week, here is a ….

Letter to yourself:

Today, in the midst of tests and frantic wake ups find joy,

In this moment, of missed answers and accidental run ins, find solace.

Not everyday is nice to you. Not every moment brings forth sunshine but that does not mean laughs aren’t always in order.

Today, may I realize that I am beautiful. That days when I feel that everything is going against me I must remember that the Sun rises up in the morning to shine down on me.

In the seconds that I feel my lowest, may I remember that the earth moves and grows to sustain me.

When people take away my strength and my ability to fight, may I remember that the earth pushes back no matter how much we try to stifle her. I am immensely proud of scars.

I smile at my bumps and ridges. May I remember that when plans fall through and people disappoint me, God never will.

I must keep my connection to the earth. Remember that she is only an extension of my body. May I continue to love her and allow her to show me my strength.

Bad days and all.


How are you growing?


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