This is who I am

Hello Lovies!

This is me:

Broken soul and unbridled happiness. 

This is you:

Unbridled potential and self doubt 

My love, I will put happiness in your doubt, your unbridled potential will mend my soul. 

Imagine me in a field standing next to the door of a house I have always wanted. Now imagine you across the field far away from the comfort of my door, asking for help. 

Beloved I would run across the field for you most days, under the armor of God. 

The belief in your ability is all I hope to help bring forth. I know that some days we lack the strength to keep pushing forward. 

That is ok. 

Some days we lack the strength to walk across the field. 

That is ok. 

Beloved find your group. Find those that will carry you across the field. That will hold your hand on days when you cannot push forward. 

This is not easy. I will never claim otherwise. I am but a ball of light hoping to inspire you today. Thank you for being you. 

I am always rooting for you

Who is always rooting for you?


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