Reminder #2

Hello Lovies!

Another reminder for you in this new year.

Here’s the deal: your purpose is your purpose. 
The world needs your talent and unique perspective. 
But no one will force you. Opportunities will be presented to you. Doors will be opened but you will not be shoved. 
Every decision is yours to make. My dear beloved the Lord will not rush you into your purpose. There is no magic hand that will force you to share your potential. 
Make the decision. Do not lose your spark. Do not tarry. Do not delay.

If you allow moments to pass and doors to close, there is someone else who wants it more. 
Just because it is for you does not mean it will wait for you. Act now or someone who wants it more will enter that open door. 
My dear. I am rooting for you. 

Tell me in what ways you need encouragement this year.


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