#6 My dreams are not impossible, they are doable

Hello Lovies!

Happy Tuesday!

My favorite song is called Ire by Adekunle Gold and there is a verse that says that

“If I had already known that the life I was searching for was already my own…”

So often we let ourselves get bogged down by the what if’s. The hows and the whys.

We do not pursue our passion because of funds, or looks, or judgement. We let what is otherwise a great idea die before it has a chance to grow.

Controversial idea: You can do it.

Controversial idea: It is not going to be easy.

Steps to achieving big dreams (non-comprehensive):

  1. Believe it
    1. The first step to achieving anything is to actually believe in it and yourself. If you need some steps to making sure you know how amazing you are I suggest this article
  2. Start small
    1. So often we get bogged down by the bigger picture. The amount of money we have to raise. The amt of staff members we need. How many years it takes.
    2. Start with one day. One moment. What do you need to achieve today or this week. Taking small steps gives you the momentum to keep going.
  3. Go with your imagination
    1. Do not limit your dream by the resources that you have now. There are people that have had ideas bigger than their paycheck could take them. I am not naive to say that all you need is to believe and it will come true, but we have so much more potential than we think.
  4. Hard one to say:  Don’t tell everyone
    1. So often we tell people of the ideas that we have and get bogged down with others judgement or “devils advocates” or put downs.
    2. My favorite pastor used to say “The best time to kill something is in its infancy stage.”
      1. Grow in private. Allow yourself to flush out your ideas. Be grounded in what you want to achieve then decide if you want to share.
  5. Make time for it
    1. Your idea will not flourish if you do not allow it.
    2. You need to make time to plan. You reap what you sow, so sow hard.
    3. If that means missing out on some “friend time”, canceling appointments or staying up late do it!

Share with me how you have made your dreams a reality.


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