#3 I am allowed to stumble as long as I realize that I must move forward

Hello Lovelies!

Your setback is not your downfall.

Your failure is not your end.

You will fail that is inevitable.

But you know what is also inevitable?

Your Success

We get so scared at the idea of failure, we shouldn’t. Failure is painful. It is a setback. But it is only a setback of what will not work.

I can tell you this over and over. That your failure does not define you, but you have to take some of the burden for yourself.

What are some ways that to use failure as a stepping stone?

  • Seek help
    • So often failure repeatedly comes because we believe that we can do it all alone. We cannot. Find a support system. Do not be afraid to admit you dont know.
  • Reflect
    • The only way to stop the mistake from happening again and again is to know what the mistake is.
    • What did you do? How did it fail? What did you do well?
  • Don’t dwell
    • Reflect and move on. If you let yourself stew in the anger or sadness then moving forward becomes dang near impossible.
  • Don’t dwell on approval
    • There is no emotional drug like outside validation. Starve yourself from it. Work in private. Work for yourself. Share and step back. We produce for ourselves not for the consumption and reward of outside validation. Find validation from within

I know these steps are vague but I hope they are a stepping stone to the journey of success I know you can achieve.

How do you get back from failure?


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