#2 I choose to believe that I am complete alone and everybody else is an added bonus

In this new year there is one message that I hope to continue to share with you all.

So often through observation and pressure and media we find ourselves thinking if only we had someone to complete us.

“My troubles will be gone, once I am in a relationship.”

“If I am dating someone, then I will have someone to help me when I am sad.”

I hate to break this bubble because companionship is so important to a healthy living

B … U … T

You are complete all by yourselves. People will only complement you, there is no other half. You are the other half.

We MUST stop waiting for other people to love us to prove that we can love ourselves.


You have it backwards.

Love will find you, love will recognize you, love will feel at home once it knows that you are making a place for it.

This is not to say that we do not deserve love because you absolutely do.

This is to say that the love we deserve we will not recognize, when what you want is not what you are how do you expect to feel at home.


We must take arms against the sea and rebel. Our love, our self worth is not found in other people. Partners are not hiding our shine in their eyes. We are stars on our own looking for other stars to light up the night sky.

How to love:

  1. Stand in front of a mirror, look at all you are and smile. Do not point our parts that you hate. Point at parts that make you smile.
    1. Your smile
    2. Your left pinky toe
    3. Your bellybutton
    4. Your stray hair
    5. Marvel
  2. Say it out loud. Say your name. Say your favorite line from a movie. Say things that you love. Look at yourself light up. Be happy.
  3. If you can… go to a therapist, talk to them, find things out about yourself. Take care of yourself.
  4. Find space for you. Leave when you want to. Stop talking to those that do not give you peace.
  5. Forgive. Yourself. Those that hurt you. Those that you know will not get it. Those that you know will.

Share with me how you are choosing to love the most important person today — you.


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