10 New Year Resolutions

Hello Lovies!

Are we starting this New Year with a late blog post?

Would I be me if I didn’t?

Yes and No.

Well, anyway in this New Year I — and almost everyone else — am thinking about how to make this new year different from the decades and decades that I have already been living.

This is an exaggeration of the literal one decade I have been alive.

But, difference in this year.

There are no new year resolutions in this house. 
This year we are finding our strength in not what we can accomplish but in who we can be.
This year I implore you instead of trying to plan and rating your success in the new year with what you can check off, try and make your only goal reminding yourself of who you are. When we are strong in who we are, everything else flows.
This year we are:

1. I choose to be kind and loving to myself right now and throughout the year
2. I choose to believe that I am complete alone and everybody else is an added bonus
3. I am allowed to stumble as long as I realize that I must move forward
4. I am brilliant
5. My circumstances may not be ideal but I am ready to conquer
6. My dreams are not impossible, they are doable
7. I will remember that the universe and I are one. I must remember the stars that live inside of me.
8. I will remember that God loves me and sometimes that is all I need.
9. I am on purpose. So I will live with purpose.
10. My future is now. There is no right time. I will start now.

Share with me some of the affirmations that you have for his new year.


I am so excited to see what this day and this moment and this time has in store for us. 


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