Harshffirmation #6

Hello Lovies!

As we finish the harshffirmation series, I want to remind you all of the things that you are going to excel in.

That dream. Those plans. The goal that you have had since you could first talk. 

There is no right time.

The right time is now.

Do not tarry on the skills that you have to share with the world. 
We are all waiting at the edge of our seats ready to take in what you produce.
Boy am I glad to know you. To encourage you. To see you bloom.
Do not sit around and wait for your moment to come. They are all your moments. Prepare and produce. My love I am so happy to know that you are alive and breathing. Your existence gives you purpose. Find it. Find Him. You are so close to success. You cannot wait for magic signal and every aspect to fall into place. Right now is always the right time.

Share with me goals that you have for the future.



  1. Crystal

    I love all these affirmations. I needed it. Thank you for always giving me the truth. I love you and I look forward to your new post.


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