Harshffirmation #4

Hello Lovies!

Now that the school year or this quarter or semester is coming to an end I want to give you a strong reminder.

This school year I want to remind you.

No one is impressed with how busy you are. No one is impressed with how little sleep you had. We are not rooting for tiredness. 
I want you to love the way your body moves at optimum capacity. This school year reevaluate. Spend energy not on tasks that suck your energy, not on people that exhaust you. But on moments that are unstoppable.
I am not naive dear beloved. I know that stressful weeks come. But don’t seek them out. This wonderful body of yours is the only one you get. Don’t pride yourself on no sleep and zero friends. Find joy in finding a balance for both. You are worth both. You are worth more.
Happy first day. May you shine like the sun today.
Comment and let me know how your first or even your thirty-first day of school went!

I’m elated to hear.


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