Harshffirmation #2

Recoup, Reflect, and Return to the RACE. 

In continuation of this series:

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut. We blame our situation. We blame the old job. 
We blame the new people in our lives. We move schools. We move cities. But the rut lingers. 
We scream at the unfairness of the universe. Shake our fists at the skies and wonder why everything is conspiring against us. 
The obstacles pile up. We forget the light and resilience that we have inside. 
Beloved, it is time to admit. 
Sometimes you are your own obstacle. 
It is time to climb out over yourself. You are standing in your own way. 
Sometimes, you aer the reasons these relationships are not working, the reason that the job is weighing you down, and the reason your new move was not everything you hoped it was. 
Take time to know yourself. Make time to date yourself and figure out what you need. The outside world is waiting for your revival but you must take care of yourself first. 
I Preach self love but I do not preach complacency. Get over yourself. Stop stopping right at the finish line. You are so close to a revelation, SO Recoup, Reflect, and Return to the RACE! 🌻

Share and comment below ways that you are recouping and reflecting.


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