Why does the sun come out in the rain?

Hello Lovies!

Sometimes the happiest things happen on accident.
Yesterday I got to take some pictures for a lovely ray of sunshine
and the whole time I was driving to meet up I prayed for no rain. For sunshine and golden skies.
And for an hour there was magic happening and then the drizzle happened.
We packed up shop and headed back and then just like life we found the light in the midst of the rain
In the middle of the street the sun shone down with a wall of rain in the middle of trees. I would describe the happiness that ensued but the picture is a better description

Today I want you to know that the rain does not mean magic won’t happen. We get so caught up in praying and wishing for better things and sunny days. But we don’t stop and realize the magic that happens in the unwanted hurdle. The hardship you are trying to jump over, why not walk through. The magic happens once we embrace the fact that rain comes and you know the amazing part? The sun comes out at the same time. Enjoy
I am blessed to be surrounded by women who are so talented and joyful

Thank you @jayna_milan for making me feel as I’ve grown to feel. Your words and countenance scream valor. I am so blessed to know you


Comment and let me know how you are getting through your difficult season.


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