Independence Day

Hello Lovies!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled post for an important announcement.


It is only appropriate as we celebrate a new month, we also celebrate a “new” country. 
58 years ago today. 
My favorite place in the whole world became its own entity. 
If you have ever met me for any period of time I am sure I have talked of my home. 
There is no where that makes me happier. No food that fills me up better. No language that warms my hear more and no people that I could ever be more in love with. 
Today we are still failing and falling but I know the inner strength that we have within. 
Until I am home again. 
Amidst green trees and many songs I will continue to represent. 
Omoge Lagos ni mi and we no de carry last!


Yes I know that the Nigerian Flag is green white green but you can’t really see green on white… So I made it grey.

Comment below with your country’s flag and day of independence


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