Why do I keep failing?

Dearly beloved, you are going to succeed!
Continue moving. There will be growth wherever you are. Find peace in the moment. Exhale. Take note of your surroundings and be happy with what you have. 
When God and the universe see that you are beaming with what is giving to you be prepared for the blessings coming your way. 

There comes a time or multiple times during the day that we sit and worry and stress about what is to come. Know that in moments like that you are still valid.

The feelings that you own are yours to reflect and grow in.

Those moments will come but they must not stay. When you become anxious or doubtful of the success that you have already received, do these things:

  1. Make a list of what you already have. All the good things that have occurred to you that day.
    1. I will help you with list item number one: Today you woke up.
  2. Take a breathe and be in the moment.
  3. Make a list of all the things you want to accomplish in the next thirty minutes. Do those things. Be proud of your accomplishments.

Comment and let me know what blessings you are most excited to receive and what other tips you have.

My blessing: I can’t wait to see God help me to grow and hopefully be a light to you all and many more people. 

You are not alone. – your number one fan


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