How to continue to grow

Hello Lovies,

The first half is an excerpt from a poem I wrote. Let me know if you would like

Excerpt from “I think I do”: There is a fire in me. 
Somewhere between the brown in my eyes and the whites of my tooth. 
Torn between the left pinky and right toe. 
There is a calmness in me. But only when surrounded by his ribs and….
I think he swallows me. 
Do not allow them to swallow you. 
Do not allow them to stick you between their ribs and grind you into oblivion. 
Fight back. 
There is a fire in you. 
There is nothing but a campfire waiting to make smores and tell stories around– in you. 
The calmness is in you. It belongs to you. Chaos is around you but reach in, find the calmness. Find the success. It is all yours to take. 
Today, remember that. 

Today is Friday and pregnant with possibilities. Step back and make sure that your success is not rooted in the ribs of someone else.

I have learned that sometimes the reason that we do progress is because our success is still tied up in the people we don’t forget and the “friends” we keep going back to.

Success cannot grow and foster in an environment that is not primed for success.

If you are doing everything that is needed to succeed and you are not seeing growth? Reflect. Is there a situation that you are making roots in that you need to pull out of? Are you allowing a bad relationship take hold of your dreams?

Reflect and Eject.

Comment and let me know how you find your inner calmness.


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