Turn up for….

Hello Lovies!

Today is the first day of class for me and boy am I nervous.

Going back to school has always been something that has turned my stomach in knots of nervousness and anticipation!

New experiences are your moment to shine and I want to remind you that your feelings are valid and if tomorrow is your first day of school or your tenth day.

You belong here.
On days that you can’t get out of bed. You belong here.
On days that seem to not have a silver lining. You matter.

There is no other sadness than the denial of your importance.
There is no other joy than your realization of your impact.

On days where the sun sets, it is because of you.
On days where you wake up, mark that as a reminder.

There are so many joys in this little globe we float around in.
There is sadness and strife but remember.

Always remember!

No matter how silly you look, how many times you fall.
No matter how tired you are, how many times you miss.

Your existence is beautiful and important and absolutely essential.

Find joy in being….


Share with me a small and fantastic thing you did today.

For me: Today, I drove to work.


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