What even are you anyway?

Hello Lovies,

Today I want to tell you more about who I am.

I am cookies baking in the kitchen and soft white sheets in my bedroom. 

I am an ethereal fairy in the middle of winter. 

I am sun smiling on my forest cottage in the middle of paining in nothing but white shirts. 

I am tangled limbs and hushed prayers. 

I am laughter and God fearing strength 
I am blurry photos that are only remembered in the moment.

I am lost directions and new adventures. 

I am sunlight and green growth and all the things that make me home. 

I am long hair and short hair and beauty that comes from within.

I am Insecurity and doubt and sometimes forgetfulness about the princess I am 

I am filled with the possibility of the unknown and for that I am grateful. 

Comment and share with me some parts of you


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