September 12th: Ways not to fail

Hello Lovies!

Today I want you to remember how special you are.

She smiled because she knew.
In her hearts of heart was a flower that never stopped blooming.
Sometimes the sun would move and her growth would stop.
But she knew.
Those days when her shoulders ache with worry
Her body tense with problems.
She knows

The flower doesn’t stop blooming in times of troubles.
The flower doesn’t die because of a few hard days.
The flower rests. It breathes and closes and finds beauty within itself.
Counts it’s petals and drinks it’s colors.
When it’s bright again. When the sun decides to come out and grace is again.
The flower opens.
Shows the world how hard she’s been working and is brighter than ever.
What has bloomed in you this week. Share, comment, or message me. I am always rooting for you. 


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