September 10th: How to start a new business?

Hello Lovies!

Happy Monday from my little haitus, this is your Monday Pick me up. 

Remember when Instagram stories came out and the backlash from people?

Some people disliked what they perceived as blatant copying and vowed not to be lured in. 
Looking now I think there’s been a shift. More people have left Snapchat than Instagram for a myriad of reasons. Change of heart, new insta features and so on. 
I believe that this is such a good symbol of what I want to share with you. 
Your idea, goal, dream is not hindered by what other people have created. So often we stop because we bribe that our idea isn’t unique enough. 
But beloved you are unique enough. No matter how many times the idea has been done, it has not been done by you. 
Your success relies on you and your drive. Fight for what you want. Whether that be a new social media or a new job. You will bring a view that is yours and yours alone. 
I am giddy with excitement as you continue to succeed. As always I am rooting and so open to hear from you. 
If you would like, comment and share down some dope accomplishments you’ve had recently


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