4 ways to be proud in your single season

Hello Lovies!
A daily reminder that you do not want someone who completes you. 

You will never find it. 

You alone are enough to complete yourself. 

You were born whole, not missing pieces. 

To my believers of God please know that He is the only one that can complete you. 

There is no friend or lover that will fill out parts of you that you think you are missing. 

To my non believers know that you were born whole.

Know that no matter what you think you are missing you have enough power to find it yourself. 

To both groups!

Find friends and lovers that complement you.

FInd people who match you. 

Never look for someone who will fit into your “missing” pieces. 

Your pieces are not missing. 

There are looking for someone to complement them so you can shine even more!

Today, I feel so inclined to share with you something that I have and am still struggling with.

Loving myself in a season that I am not tethered to another person.

We jump from partner to partner and determine our self-worth in who we are attached to.

Today, S T O P that!

By yourself you are enough, any other thing is ice cream on already fantastic ice cream!

This list could be much longer but here are four things that have worked for me.

  1. Date yourself. I will be the first to admit that I hate being alone. Going to the movies by myself…? N E V E R. But also as Justin Bieber sings…. never say never. What is wrong with enjoying the company of who you will spend the rest of your life with. Put on a nice shirt, some brand new shoes and show out. Broadway musical or new coffee shop, the possibilities are E . N . D . L . E . S . S . 
  2. Make a list! I know that when I am down about being alone I will settle for whoever opens the door for me. So instead of settling I write my list on who the perfect person I am and I take my creative liberties. I say brown hair with a cowlick, a Godly man with a heart for christ. Through these lists, I find that a lot of the qualities that I want in a partner I lack in myself… which leads to ,,,,,,
  3. Work on yourself! You are asking someone to believe in you, and hopefully that person is asking you to believe in them. That being said! In order to tell someone to believe in you, do you believe in yourself? You want someone successful in certain areas, are you successful there? The answer more often than not is NO! So take this season to work on yourself!
  4. Love your one true love. This to me means making sure that I am right with GOD! God is my one true love always. So in a season when I do not have to worry about anyone elses’ happiness, I will use it to seek the Father. I will use it to dwell in his palace and HE will show me how I must be loved by any of his sons!


Please comment down below and let me know how you get through your single season!!


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