Health and Self-Care

Hello Lovies!

Your body is a temple of your own making. 

You are movement and stillness. 

You are serene and a tornado. 

Find movement in the way your arms will always return to your side. 

Find dance in the way your feet jump for joy

Find races in heart races and leg races. 

Find relaxation in how your eyelids kiss your face. 

Find happiness in the amount of atoms you inhabit 

Find health in everything that the earth is. 

I find confidence sometimes overwhelming and frustrating. As time grows and who i am becomes clear it is important to realize when Self-Care addresses the mental and emotional but not the physical.

I am enamored with the way our bodies are made to move and feel and express emotions with the way our arms glide. I am learning to like the way my body aches and moves and turns.

I dance, drink flowers and scream sunflower joy.

Let me know and comment down below how your body loves to move!

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