August 12th: Body Love

Hello Lovies

I have been dealing with a lot of feelings about who I am and where I fit in.

Comparison is the thief of joy and today I want to remind you that you are so much more.

I love her. 
Thick thighs and all 
I like her. 
Tantrums and bad days. 
I scream her 
Tender touches and resilience. 
I live for her. 
Bad hair days and sunken stomachs. 
I count her 
Hairs on her head and tears in her eyes 
I surround myself with sun and love and am so happy to be with her 
My body. My love. My life. Be kind to yourself today. Your body is thriving and blooming no matter the mistakes. Be kind and full of hope 
Treat her well. because I am in love with her

Of course if you are really interested in seeing more visual representations of confidence please do me a favor and follow this insta

Please let me know what you did today to love yourself a little more.


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