August 6th: Be obnoxious

Hello Lovies!

I have been back for about three days and I am so excited to delve into what I have learned about myself gallivanting around a small part of the world.

Thank you all so much for sticking around as I work with what works and doesn’t work on my journey to bring you amazing content.

In order to save time and give you what you came for, all words of confidence and love will be highlighted in blue.

There is nothing wrong with taking pride in what you can do.     

Be obnoxious with talent.                                                               

Exude the confidence of a thousand people.                                   

You are worth the excitement. You are worth all the praise.       

Your joy in your self and your abilities is never too much.       

Please find happiness in all that you are destined to do.                 

The world is never tired of your innate desire to praise yourself.

For those scared of shouting out dreams and shouting out challenges. 

Share what your heart desires. 

The universe smiles and she blesses you with so much more.

I am absolutely here for everyones journeys. Please comment and share down below something amazing that has happened to you this week.


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