August 1st: Embracing the Unknown

Hello Lovies!

In this new month of this new year there are a lot of unknowns. And I have been struggling and meditating on how to face them.

There is no reason to walk this journey alone. These are some things I have meditated on.
1. The unknown is not your enemy. I am the first to admit that unknowns scare me. But why? When the God and the earth and the universe are set out to blanket you. Know that your enemy stands no chance.

2. Find joy. Most of the stories we share around campfires and whisper to loved ones are happy accidents. Find joy in knowing that an unknown job or country hides your new bedtime story. Find joy in experience.

3. Find yourself. No matter how old we get we are still learning. Use this experience to find out more about you. The earth wants to help you grow and blossom. Allow her.

4. Be prepared. This seems counter-intuitive but in dealing with the unknown sometimes this can help decrease that anxiety. The trick is to be loose in preparation. When you are moving to a new country make a list of what you would like to do. Not specifics of where you will live or do yoga or have dinner. Prepare vaguely and make specific memories.


Please let me know what you do to deal with unknowns.


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