July 24th: Dear Beloved

Beloved – “Dearly loved” “A much loved person”
There are words that sometimes hit you so fast that you spend weeks running them through your mind. This is one.

Do you know that in the Bible beloved is used 42 times? The almighty thinks of us as his beloved. Children that are so dearly loved.

Now the number at the moment doesn’t particularly hold my interested but the word does.

I want you to know..
You my dear are my beloved.

You are a person that is dearly loved.

You deserve that love and that title.

That word should make you quiver!
Dear beloved!
The days are long and hard but you are so loved.

Find yourself in empty rooms and crowded halls.

You are loved so very much by me and by you.

Please comment and let me know how that word makes you feel.


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