June 26th: Gooooooooaaaallllllll

Hello Lovies!

Today was absolutely devastating for two reasons.

On a lighter note… the team that I was rooting for today (10 points if you can guess who) lost and I am still recovering.

On a harsher note… in this world that we live in we are all still so hateful.

Sometimes I wake up and want to take a day off from feeding myself the negativity of the world and then I remember that for a lot of people they can never take a day off. They live in constant worry of what will happen and who is against them.

I will never be sensitized to the pain because I will stand right by and continue to fight and dissent. D I S S E N T is patriotic and so while I make a list of ways to help and share it with you all, I also know that everyone needs a pick me up to keep the energy.

I want to share some quotes that have made me stronger and have given me the boost that I have needed to keep going. Let me know what you have done to continue the fight or organization that I can support.

See you soon.




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