June 21st: Summer… Summer…Summer….

Hello Lovies!

Remember when we were all in Junior high and we were glued to our screens for the premiere of High School Musical 2? When they all obnoxiously banged on their tables and scream-whispered summer? Well, I am out of school and don’t have a table to hit BUT!

It’s the first day of Summer and I wanted to bring forth a reminder that we all need in this “Holiday” Season because any stretch of time I am not drowning under homework is a holiday.

On the 20th day of June, the Sun will be at its highest point in the sky at about 6:07AM. On this day the longest day, the day with the most sun many people celebrate in varying ways. According to USA Today, most people “celebrate the summer solstice with music and festivities. BUT on the same day .. the winter solstice is happening in the Southern Hemisphere, meaning it’s going to get colder for the 12 percent of the world’s population that lives there.”

This means that while some people are experiencing the worlds longest day, some are experiencing the shortest.

SOOO Hello world!

Today I am seeing the sun for the longest time all year and I am ready to bask in its glory.

In this year, Summer has come hard and fast and we must match this energy. I am elated that the sun is out with her bright wings to cover us and usher in a time of growth.

In these new days there is nothing that is needed but more love and more light. Wherever you are right now. Take a step back and breathe. Realize that your existence is magical, realize that all of time and space had to work in a specific order to bring you to where you are right now!

All the stars are aligned this summer and in this moment to help you lift up your feet. Drink the warmth from the sun and live in light.

My favorite Tyler Perry movie has a line that says what is done in the dark will be brought to the light. On this day where the sun is out for the longest lay out your worries and troubles to be burned. There is no space for darkness, and there is only space for new growth.

Let me know what you are looking forward to this summer and what your favorite part of the blog transformation is?



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