April 12th: End of the Bay

Hello loves!! So,

Lets just not talk about it. Let us dive into our regularly scheduled programming.

So the last two days in San Francisco were us trying to pile in as many aspects of the cute city in.

  1. We headed over to all the picturesque spots and I had my sister take all the “model” photos of me. We headed over to the painted ladies who are absolutely beautiful and obviously full of occupants. So we had to stand an appropriate distance away from their house and try to take a picture without the throngs of tourists.
  2. After the famed photo in front of- but also not in front of- the full house we went over to the palace of the fine arts. How do I explain it? I don’t know… it is essentially a giant open space with magnificent architecture that makes you feel as elegant as possible. And I hope you have guessed that I like to feel as elegant as possible. It is a must see.. 
  3. Then we headed over to! yes you guessed it! The Golden Gate Bridge. Of course it was crowded and there was no way to park. So we had to park a little farther down and take a hike.. in not appropriate hiking shoes. But after getting over the pain in my leg and walking up on the bridge, the view is spectacular and of course a must see.
  4. I have no idea what we did next but I do believe that after the bridge it got late so we headed home, drove to a restaurant to eat and then immediately changed our mind and ate at In and Out.
  5. The next day we did not have a lot of creative time for sure. We knew we needed to get on a cable car and ride away. After staying in what I assume is the Guinness world record holder for longest line we got a seat on the golden carriage. Actually it was more of a step to stand on. As I dared my sister to balance precariously out the side of the car we ended up with awesome pics. We of course ended up rushing to the airport. Plopping our tucus in seats and riding home.

Thank you for bearing with me. Let me know what you’ve done in San Fran and I will see you all later!!


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