March 28th: My new Ba(e)y

Hello Lovies!

I am back in school and absolutely disoriented. Spent spring break in San Fran, coming back darker and with no husband. So a 1/2 win. It genuinely feels like a New year and I am ready to make some resolutions. If you do not want to hear me say the same thing over and over again skip to under my quote.

All of you are important to me and this blog is important to me. I am talking about being a college student in parts and all the different compartments that go into it and I do not want to stop. My new year resolution is once a week on posting, I will not fool you and make a specific date because I am a horrible person but… once a week at least you will receive something from me.

So without further here is my Spring break..


Two part series because I stayed there for four days. Here is day one and 2…


  1. I have really bad airsickness and flying (tho only 2hrs) still makes me quite queasy.
  2. Our hotel was absolutely not ok.
    1. We spent about two months looking for a suite that wasn’t too expensive and we found one that we thought wouldn’t be too bad and boy were we wrong.
      1. If you would like to know the hotel, let me know..


  1. Everything Else… 

I had an absolutely wonderful time (most of the time.)

The day started out with me getting on a plane and then spending an hour and fifty minutes in what I can only describe as a hot box. After safe landing and car picking up we arrived at the hotel about six pm. After settling in and trying — unsuccessfully mind you — to figure out where to go? We ventured over to the Exploratorium.

Well ladies and gentlemen for future reference, the Exploratorium is adults only after about seven pm on Thursdays night…. the exact night we decided to go!! 

We took pictures outside and then went to a cute desert place that I do not remember and had a pretty sub par hot chocolate and bomb tiramisu.

DAY 2:

A. This day was pretty productive I believe.

We started the morning off at not the most sought out breakfast place in San Fran but… the restaurant right across the corner from it because my family hates waiting in line. The food was fantastic tho and I drank straight orange juice (








Then…. we headed over to the MoMa surrounded by wonderful art and picture opportunities. Thennn we went back to the Exploratorium to once again to try to get back and would you believe that we got there about fourty minutes before they closed?

Well!! You better believe it. It just seemed like the Exploratorium was not meant to happen that trip. But as God is my saving grace… it turns out that at the end of the day the last 15 minutes are free!! So we gallivanted around this giant  building for 15 minutes enjoying our free time there.

As the day was winding to a close.. we headed over to Pier 39. Once again pictures were taken and souvineirs were bought. We looked at the marvelous views and ate pier food and ended with dinner at a wonderful seafood restaurant (on the outside)

We f i n a l l y ended the night with a drive up to the Twin peaks — with a shivering sister and a terrified mother. The view was BREATHTAKING

So overall, the two days were absolutely fantastic and with two more days to look forward to? I was very much excited.

Stay tuned for part 2


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