Hello Lovies!

Today is graduation day or better known as… the last post in the series.

And we are talking about the things that you can look forward to when you’re in college or any other higher education path.

I have given “advice” and talked about the scary things in college, now lets delve into the fun things.

  1. Study abroad
    1. This is a once in a lifetime experience. If this is an opportunity that you are able to participate in, please do. What other time in your life will you have a couple of months or a year where you can go and gallivant in another country/continent.
      1. If there is anyone who wants me to do a how to series on study abroad, interviews, and essays. Let me know…. 
  2. Independence
    1. This is of course a two fold issue but…. you picking when you wake up. What you eat. Who you see. Where you go… All those are such huge parts of becoming an independent human and one of the most fun parts of being a college student
  3. Learning
    1. Yes, we all hate school. But when you find that subject you click with or that topic that you fall head first in there is happiness. I, during my sophomore year fell in love with plants  and have been and avid plant lover/mother since
  4. Free/Discounted stuff
    1. Lots of businesses have college discounts like amazon, spotify, hulu and so many more. In addition to discounts, college events usually have grab bags, swag, and free food.
    2. You could finesse your way through college with paying very little for extraneous stuff if you are smart.

Let me know what you has been your most memorable part of higher education.

See you soon. Make sure to stay in touch through my insta


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