Feb 16th: Chicken Soup and Blankets

Hello Lovies!

I think I should change this blog to excuses she makes when she can’t upload on time. This weeks edition is “I got hit by a nasty cold and have basically become a recluse in my apartment”

When I was holed up with nothing but Tea and YouTube to watch, I remembered how much I missed home cooking and momma snuggle, and thought I would write about the inevitable that every college student feels….


Yes, some of us crave the freedom that college offers. Picking when you wake up (sort of), when you eat, what you eat. Who you become friends with and how long you stay out become your own decision to make. Your parent(s) will still probably try to call you and you in your naive fresh state will decline or postpone or promise to call them back when you are free…

This is a blunder!





Because half way through the quarter when you’ve eaten nothing but soup for a week, have surrounded yourself with people who definitely do not always wash their hands after they use the restroom… you get sick. You will overreact, try to will the annoyance of a cold/flu/bug away… but the kicker? After months of talking to your parent(s) every other week (if even that), you will want nothing more than to be fed and coddled and taken care of.

The realization that you miss them will sink in, and yea that sucks. But don’t worry, we all feel that. We think we are ready for the next step and some of us are. But for those who aren’t there is no bad side to that. If you need your parents then call them, they have raised you to the age that you are and you at least owe them a phone call.

So what do you do when that homesickness hits?

  1. Call your parent/guardian/sibling.. whoever.
    1. Let them know that you miss them
  2. Go home if possible.
    1. If you live close, make a weekend…
    2. If you live far, Skype call.


Let me know what other tips you have done to alleviate homesickness



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