Feb 9th: Before the People

A big fear of everyone I know — including myself — in relation to college was… How do I make friends?

I am of course here — late — to drop some wisdom

I love lists, so here are some ways to make some friends in a new place.

  1. Friends of friends.
    1. If you go to a college with friends that you knew in highschool then sticking with them and making friends of their friends is a good way to start. Then you can branch out once you leave HS behind.
  2. Live in a Residence Hall
    1. Can you tell I’m an RA? Bias aside, it is a fantastic way to meet people. You have to put in the effort to actually knock on doors but when you’re stuck on a floor/cluster together all year, you tend to find your clique.
  3. Step out of the comfort zone
    1. This means that if you are a shy person — if you are willing — talk to someone in line. The person that you sit by everyday. The cute person in the coffee shop.

Any of these steps are of course just suggestions buttt I do believe that they are effective.

Let me know what has worked for you.

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See you soon Lovies!


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