Feb 2nd: To dorm or to apart

Hello Lovies!

I am of course again very late. This week has been very tumultous and eye opening. But more on that later. This week you will be getting two  posts sort of back to back but that is of course again due to my laziness.

I thought I would talk about something that I did not really have a choice in and what I would have chosen if I did have a choice.


Ok, so here is the low down.

  1. Most colleges want you to live on campus your freshman year and so if you end up in one of those, then I guess your choice is made for you.
  2. You are blessed enough to have your parents pay for your living and so they stick you in a dorm and you live with it.

But if you are stuck between these choices….. my answer might shock you!

It really does’t matter.

I mean sure there are perks to living off campus

  1. More freedom
  2. Own room (sometimes)
  3. Live with who you want

But there are perks to dorming too:

  1. Closer to campus.
  2. More social opportunities.
  3. Live with who you want.

Sure, you might not like RAs (who are fantastic by the way) and you might not like having a meal plan but I strongly believe that you can make the best out of most situations. No matter where you live, your freedom is your own. Your time is your own. You just have a different rules in both environments.

Don’t stress about this small aspect of college life. No matter where you end up, I know you will have a good time. And if you don’t…

Next year switch your living situation…

P.S. The last video for my study abroad is coming soon… so be on the lookout.

P.P.S I try to stay positive and exude that to other people, if you need a daily pick me up please follow this insta

P.P.S: I want to hear horror/fantastic stories of living in dorms or in an apartment with your friends. Leave them in the comments.

See you soon.


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