Jan 24th: What to study?

Hello Lovies,

I thought I would conquer (or attempt to) the problem that I and most college students have trouble with.

What in the heck do I study?

Now, we know the age-old advice that you should explore and everyone changes their minds like four times before they stick with what they find and all that jazz but… I have a problem with this for two reasons.

  1. That is expensive. If I had all the money in the world then I would explore college and find my “one true passion”. But Alas… I do not. And I cannot spend time and money hopping around and waiting till I fall in love with something.
  2. Some colleges don’t allow this. My university for example says that you have to apply for a major after a certain amount of credits and like 90% of our majors have pre reqs that must be taken before applying. So gallivanting around and wasting time is not a privilege that I have. This system is bad for multiple reasons but we can talk about that later.

Now that I have stomped over all those dreams, I am sure you are dying for a solution and an easy answer. But, I don’t have that answer. I only have suggestions that might save you money, but they do not save you time.

  1. Community college. I push this because if you are not sure what you want to do and you have a couple of ideas, save some money and go to a local college in your hometown or wherever and take a multitude of classes. Find that passion the pursue it.
    1. Yes I know that this suggestion also costs money, but definitely not as much as a University — depending where you come from.
  2. Internships/Shadowing/Jobs
    1. If you are completely lost on what you want to do. Like, you don’t even know where to start? Then why put yourself through the ringer to pay for classes that aren’t “benefiting” you. I believe that taking a year off to apply for jobs in any field, volunteering at offices, using connections. Making use of High school counselors. Job postings and “real world” experience will narrow your choices and then you go in with more of an idea.
    2. When I was in High School, I knew I wanted to work in the health field but I didn’t know what I wanted exactly. So I volunteered for non profits, worked at hospitals, worked odd jobs and worked on a passion that I already had. These all took time but I came into college with:
      1. Scholarships from the jobs and Non-profits that I worked for.
      2. Glowing recommendations
      3. A purpose
      4. Life-long friends.

The main thing that I want everyone to know is that there is no one path to success. DO NOT put yourself in debt because you think this is what you are supposed to do. There is not just one way to succeed. There are ways that will pay you. — Emotionally and Financially.

Let me know if there is anything that you would like me to go more into depth with.

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See you all soon


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