Jan 21st: To go or not To go

Hello Lovies!

I thought I would kick off my college series with the ultimate question.

“Should I go to college?” 

This is a double-edged sword. I want to say that everybody should experience the camaraderie of staying up late with nothing but a cup of coffee and good friends. But, I also realize that — especially if you live in the US — that idea might not be the most feasible.

Through capitalist regime there is now a push for more education = a job. This is toxic and bad and I could talk about this all day but I will try to keep on topic. If you feel that you need to go to college for your parents, your boyfriend, society… DONT. 

If you feel that you need to go to college to find a job and be acceptable into society… then Maybe. 

  • I say maybe because 1. Yes, society says that if you don’t have at least a grad school degree your chances of employment decrease. But, 2. Not everyone wants that life. Not everyone has dreams that require a college education.
  • This is the age of social media and internet connections. If you want to be a singer, poet, writer, influencer, then struggle for it. Then fight to be recognized. Know that the road is not easy or always achievable. But if you want it, don’t slow yourself down with education that will put you in dept and isn’t even what you want.

If you have a path and you want to be a writer (with technical skills), A lawyer, doctor, Musician (with technical skills) and want to experience the experience of a group of people who are also fighting for that dream…. Then Yes. 

  1. The main thing to get out of my yes is that the way to OZ is not a one option street.
    1. If you feel that money is tight, community college is a wonderful education at a fraction of the cost.
    2. If you feel that your grades aren’t good enough, start at a community college, work hard, kick butt and transfer or stay.
    3. If you feel that your life is too hectic for a one place settlement, do school online. Stay at your own pace and excel.

What I am trying — and failing I’m sure — to say is that if your goal is college there are so many routes to take that will fit you. If your goal is trade school, then do that. If your goal cannot be molded into the contents of a college degree then pave your own path and follow.

But in 2018, we must say no to obligations of society and live solely for ourselves.

P.S. By no means am I an expert. The only expertise I have comes from being in college for three years…

See you all on Wednesday





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