Jan 5th: Crotchet and Chill

Hello Everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

I have been in 2018 for about five days now and I am already exhausted. This is the second quarter in my Junior Year and one day till my BDAY…

I don’t have much to share with you today because I usually wait till Sundays to post but I am dubbing this my Birthday Weekend so I will be MIA till school resumes. But in the meantime, I thought I would reflect on what these past couple of days have taught me since this is a


I have really come to fall in love with self-care these past couple of days. I am by no means an expert or a consistent follower but I am a “tryer” and the one resounding lesson that I have learned is:

  1. Self care is saying NO to YOURSELF.
    1. Now we all know that sometimes you need to say no to people and plans and promises because we have overloaded ourselves. But people forget that sometimes you overload yourself with yourself.

For example: I am the most outgoing person that I know and I have told myself over and over again that I need people to re-charge and this is true



No matter how outgoing or people dependent you are, your body, you, your brain, and your eyes need a break. If you are constantly processing with other people and being subjected/bombarded with the ideas of other people there is no time for you to process and find your own thoughts. We all think that we’re rocks and our ideas are our own but not really… They are a mixture of society and perception and you need time to create your own.

But even if you have no qualms with perception creating, working in res life has taught me the importance of reflection. So this week everyday after class and social activities I go to my room and I sit by myself and I crotchet and listen to bumping music and reflect on things I love about myself. Things I did well that day and things I can improve on. If you (like me) are someone who doesn’t sleep well, taking time to de-stress has helped me so much.

So take time for yourself, say no to your wanting of constant stimulation and say yes to reflecting and rejuvenation.

Let me know if you agree or want to fight me.

See you tomorrow

P.S: I am looking for new photos for my posts so if you take some photos that you hate and would like to share and I will credit always. I am hoping to get to a point to be able to pay for commissioned photos because I do understand that your work should not be given for free if you don’t want, but I am starting small at the moment.

Here is the photographers insta for my featured image



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