Jan 1st: Go Home

Ok, It’s happening slash has already happened in multiple continents. 2018 is on the horizon. AND I AM ABSOLUTELY EXCITED.

I was thinking of how I wanted to come into the New Year and what I wanted my precedent to be.

I really despise resolutions  and I am not a big fan of goals because it seems like I am setting myself up for failure.  So, this year I have decided to make myself a motto. This is something that I  will follow everyday this year and use that as my catalyst for a new beginning.

“But seek first God’s Kingdom…and all these things will be given to you as well.” (Mathew 6:33).

Ok stick with me here. I was at church this evening and my wonderful pastor shared this verse and a lesson that I think needs to hear. I know that there is a mix of secular and religious readers so I will try to approach this from both views.

  1. From the secular POV, then this year should begin with the thought that you are what you attract. So, if you are what you preach then this year make every first thought, speech, movement – one of positivity. When you wake up in the morning don’t groan or complain and moan. It should be “Today is my day” and even if you don’t think it is then… Fake it. When you talk to someone first in the day don’t greet them with complaints, make your words encouraging. You never know when you’re the word or smile that someone needs. This also applies to goals that you might have throughout the year too. If at any point you feel that you can’t continue on your health journey or excel in school or at a job don’t begin with a discouraging thought but take a step back, believe that you are what you send out and send yourself a positive message.
  2. Now from a religious POV, we all agree that we can do all things through Christ and since all belongs to him — our days, nights, and in-between — why would we begin with something less than him. When you wake up, what must you do first? Seek out his kingdom. Be in the word, begin with a prayer, say that he is the one and only and he will led you through. When you meet someone in the morning for the first time, remember that his kingdom is first and greet them in a Godly way. Do everything through him first and all things will fall into place.


I know that this isn’t a resolution or a goal but this is a promise to myself. I will start everything I do in a Godly and positive way so the only way through the storms is UP. 

Let me know what your plans are for the New Years and if you have resolutions.


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