Two Turtle Doves

Wow, How embarrassing is this. I am not even close to making this one on time but if I did write it on time, I think that would be the more concerning thing really. So “today” is Christmas Eve Eve and that means it is optimum time to get ready and prep for the big day (if you do celebrate). On that note in the innocence and realness of doves, I will share some steps I take to make my Christmas not as frantic.

  1. Get pampered today.
    1. I get my hair washed. My nails done and my clothes picked out
  2. Clean today.
    1. This Holiday is such a joyful time. If you are like me at all then any bit of mess around my area makes me lose happiness so getting it done two days before the big day gives me peace of mind.
  3. Be ready to be lazy
    1. We all have a to-do list. It glares and haunts and mocks us. The only way to get rid of the list is just to do it. So start a little something. Pick up the mail. Get groceries. Clean the bathroom.
  4. Revel in Nostalgia and Dream of the New
    1. As I grow older I don’t feel the spirit as much as I used to. I think it comes from more responsibilities and gift buying and stress and all those factors that you lose when you are no longer an annoying child. I find myself slipping back into my memories and clinging to them. There is nothing wrong with clinging and remembering times of old happiness but remember to give space for the new.

Let me know what you all do to prepare for big days and I…. will see you tomorrow


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