Three French Hens

So Three days till the big day. All my presents are hidden in weird places in my house. On my bed. In a plant. In the trunk of my car. In a siblings room. The possibilities are endless. I was thinking of what to write and I was like heyyyy maybe a good Christmas story. Maybe something from my childhood I remember. But alas…. I remember nothing.

I have been quite commercial with my lists and have fed into the grandiose getting and giving of the season. But we all know that its less about the money spent and more about the time spent. With family, friends, enemies, and loved ones. So I am going to share my list of all the things that I love about Christmas. There is no amount predetermined, I will just as the youngins’ say “Go with the flow”

  1. Of course the most important thing to me is that — tho it is not technically his birthday — we get to celebrate Jesus. The person who died for me and is allowing me to celebrate this say surrounded by love and life.
  2. My family. On top of my religion the most important thing is my family. When you go to school for months on end and come back home. Blessed and privileged enough to pig out in front of the TV and watch terrible movies with your sister, what else describes perfect joy.
  3. My friends. There is a thin line between friends and family. Friends you get to pick and grow and love with so of course they become your family. But the group of people — who notwithstanding terrible circumstances — you grew up with. You become who you are surrounded by family but you become who you will be with friends and that is an EXPERIENCE that I cherish.
  4. Last — only because I cant think of anything else — but least is the Gifts. I am of course still a human and gifts do excite me. But I cherish the act of giving more. The getting to know someone and knowing which gift they will most resonate with. Wrapping it and hiding it and then watching their face either flop or light up as they open it. The BEST feeling!

I am absolutely terrible at keeping track of when to send these out. So when it is posted it is technically two days till Christmas but….

P.S. Let me know what your favorite part of Christmas is and I will see you tomorrow.



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