Of course with five days left and time running out till Christmas and Wreaths and drinking what list should I make but a last minute gift list.

I am the absolute worst at getting people gifts because I struggle so hard about getting it right and so I end up making everyone write me a list. If this is not your jam then I — have not come to your rescue — but have some ideas that I hope help

So here’s a top ten with of course no order or decreasing importance:

  1. If you’re a human you of course love music and if you’re an annoying human like me then you love listening to music at the highest volume possible so… A portable Bluetooth speaker
  2. If you have someone in your life that loves to do daring things like climb up stairs, and ride roller coasters then the next step…. INDOOR SKYDIVING VOUCHER (I even put it in caps because that’s daring)
  3. When you’re a college student you’re gifted with all these discounts with your school email and the best thing I received is my Amazon subscription. If I remember correctly, it was a five month free trail and all the perks and speedy shipping was so great that I kept it. So if you have a college student or are a college student who wants to treat yourself buy a one year Amazon subscription for 50 dollars
  4. I lose things like nobody’s business and I wish I knew about this wonderful invention sooner. Tiles. You stick them or clip them to things like keys, phones, wallets…. anything you always lose and it is like a beacon. SOO GOOOD
  5. If you’re boogie like me or have some extra cash that you want to spend on something more high end or designer might I suggest a Tiffany Necklace. Now I don’t buy earrings or bracelets except from one place but Necklaces are such a classic look and getting someone that Tiffany Blue Box present would be a dream.
  6. My mother is my favorite person and I want to buy her an island but that’s not in my budget at the moment so a SPA gift card is inexpensive and  a last minute saver.
  7. For the foody in your life then one of those delivery companies like Blue Apron. There are many others but that’s the only one I remember right now. But they take the guess work out of eating and cooking and people who have little time but still want to eat healthy.
  8. If you’re more the sentimental type and you are a crafty person — which I am not — then a simple frame with your favorite picture and a cute inscription is a gift that can’t not be loved.
  9. Plants. That’s really it. Give someone a succulent. Not a lot of responsibility but enough where they feel useful and get to be surrounded with real earth.
  10. Last but not least… Stress Reliever ball/cube/spinner. Anything for stress really. We’re all stressed and anything that can relieve that a little is helpful.

Let me know what some of your last minute gifts are.

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See you tomorrow


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