Rest and Relaxation

This post is approximately three days late because I was trying to do what I preach. I was in the thick of “dead week” and getting ready to take finals and finish the end of the quarter and survive finals. Yesterday, I did that…. barely and now I am trying to de-stress and de-clutter. My dorm does not have bathtubs — which I would not use anyway — so I am finding new ways to self care this holiday season. This list also took me so long to write because I realized that I was not following all the knowledge that I want to share with y’all so I had to take a step back and do what was right for me. Keep reading and learn something:

  1. Call someone
    1. We all know that when school gets hard we tend to lost contact with everyone and focus focus focus. This does not mean that we no longer want to associate with these people tho, that is why it is important to reach out and call/text/snap or whatever way you like to communicate and check in. Hearing the voice of loved ones is most times a great place to start for self-care
  2. Sleep
    1. This is tricky for a couple reasons but mostly because I am a prime example of a whacked sleep schedule because of school and when the quarter ends all I want to do is sleep for hours/days on end. And tho this sounds good in the present, it can end up harming you in the long run. It is better to recharge with the appropriate amount of sleep and not spend your de-stress party in a tired funk
  3. Run/Walk/Jog/Swim
    1. What I mean is exercise. Now this one is the hardest one for me to follow. I am by far the laziest person I know. I bus/uber to class. I don’t go places if it means I have to walk. But sticking to this rule has shown me the benefits of working out. If you are not in the market to lose weight or gain muscle then I am not suggesting a strong intense workout, but when you get the blood circulating back in your body and use parts of it you haven’t used in a while you will see changes. I promise.
  4. Eat better
    1. The diet for any student/ professional going through a stage of intense focus is atrocious. When I was studying I just ate anything that was fast, cheap, and fattening. I gave myself a pass because “I am studying” but this is one of those rewards that come back to bite you in the butt. Once you feed your food something that does not help it work at its optimum capacity you will slow down. Start to feel lethargic and not as high energy. Drink some water, throw some veggies on a pizza, just love yourself a little more.
  5. Leave your room
    1. There are those of us who have severe anxiety, who hate crowds and can’t function in loud or small spaces and because of that we become isolated. Human beings are social creatures. We are not all extroverts but we all need someone. If you feel that you do not have the capacity to leave your room, start small. Invite a best friend over. Walk outside your door and feel the fresh air for five minutes. Make yourself a meal. Ease yourself back into a lesser state of anxiety/nervousness.
  6. Do something new
    1. This is the last advice that I have for you. A way to self-care is to improve yourself. Start a non fiction book. Watch a documentary. Take a yoga class. Learn how to knit. Anything you don’t know how to do, venture out and learn. Who knows you might maker a new friend or find a new passion.


PSA: All ideas are not for everyone. I am abled and understand the privilege to do these things. I only list ideas that have worked and been successful for me.

Featured picture is from this insta

P.PS: Tell me what you do for self care.



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