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Hello Lovies,

Today I am the embodiment of what I want to talk about today. Procrastination has been a habit that I have been wanting to break since — well I mean I was born late so — I guess since before I was born if we’re being honest.

I don’t even know where this need to procrastinate comes from and all I want to do is break it and be a more productive human being. So here are some steps on how to not procrastinate.

  1. Forgive yourself for procrastinating
    1. Sometimes when we forget or push things off we start to sulk and feel bad and berate ourselves, but all that does is slow you down and in the long run make you even more unproductive.
  2. Figure out why you’re procrastinating
    1. I know that I personally become unproductive when I am scared. When I feel that I can’t do something and I am overwhelmed.
  3. Keep a to-do list
    1. Everyone loves a good to-do list. Making one allows you to tick things off and that moment of success adds a kick to your step.
  4.  Reward good behavior
    1. When you do something be proud of it. You deserve every good thing so if you knock something off your list, dance, eat, celebrate and then push on.
  5. Define goals
    1. Sometimes when I say I am going to do my homework and I don’t make a plan I just flounder. Setting a plan of one hour on calculus and one hour on psych and five minutes of soda time makes everything much more.
  6. Get an Accountabilybuddy
    1. This means find a friend who will keep you on track. We all have that one friend who only needs to look at you with their eyes and you whip yourself back in shape. If you can have a friend who will study or complete tasks with you and remind you that you’re in this together then I can guarantee some grade A productivity.
  7. Give yourself positive affirmations
    1. When you start to lose focus or get overwhelmed and take a step back and write down what you excel in. It can be something as simple as I am good at smiling at strangers to I am a whiz in calculus. Taking five minutes to think positively will put you in the right mind frame.
  8. Set the mood
    1. If you have to write a paper and you know that you strive in silence make the decision to write it out on a piece of paper. It might seem like twice the work but if you take out the element of internet distraction and cut out phone usage you’ll see that you’re actually getting more things done.
  9. Get up earlier or stay up later
    1. Know yourself. I know that I get work done later in the day so I plan my work for then. If you know that the sun rejuvenates and inspires you, for yourself to wake up like an hour earlier and get things done. You’ll finish and get to check things off your to-do list. Start the day with a win or end the day with one.
  10. Don’t diminish procrastination
    1. Finally I want to leave you with this. When the pedal is to the metal and I am racing against the clock is when my best ideas pop out. So sometimes procrastination can lead to good results. I am not saying that you should wait till the last possible moment. But you could make every due date a day earlier in your calendar so you get that same rush of excitement and produce amazing things.


Thank you for continuing to read and comment. Let me know what you do to not procrastinate

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