Only you can win your race

I was thinking today about success. Not essentially having a good job and making a lot of money, more so the accomplishment aspect.

I was then thinking of comparisons. Comparing yourself to another person in terms of your own personal success. Then I was thinking and reflecting and came to the realization that I do this so very often.

For example, I am currently taking a pretty hard course at the moment that requires me to focus on talents that I do not have and I am constantly studying with this girl who does not work even half as hard as me. She just gets it and its frustrating because what I have realized is that if I base my success on her then I am essentially a failure.

This is






and we have to STOP 

In the world, the only one you have to compete with, root for, and challenge is YOURSELF.


  1. The cycle of comparison and sadness leads to lack of confidence.
  2. You are the only one in your race.
    • It is not a lie that we cannot be good at everything and I think we have to realize that its fine. We don’t have to be good at everything we just have to be good at our thing.
  3. Competition is healthy
  4. Life based around continuously comparing yourself to others is not.
  5. You are amazing
  6. You are enough
  7. You are your own worst enemy and biggest cheerleader.

Summary of facts: I will use myself as an excuse.

  • My passion and thing is poetry. Ever since I was little words were my happy place and I found so much joy in it. When I got to high school I found people who had love in what I did and that also partook. I got in my own head. I compared myself again and again. Against people I thought were better and it ruined my joy. It took away my happy place.
  • But you know what? I realized that I am good at poetry and writing. in that category I excel and sure there are other people who excel but that’s not the point. This is my thing and I am good and that is all that matters.
  • I cannot compare myself to others because in life, in the end, all we have is ourselves. All we have at the end of the day is the body we came in. The body only we can fit in.
    • So it is logical to note that, the only person that can finish this race is us
  • When I came to this conclusion, I also realized that this God-given gift made me amazing. That although other people found joy in this did not make me any less amazing.
  • I in myself am enough and I want to say to your all that no matter your thing and how many people you think are better in your thing…..

T H E Y  D O  N O T  M A T T E R ! !

You are all that matters and you are both the tortoise and the hare. Do not trick yourself.

Know that  you will finish YOUR OWN RACE no matter how long it takes

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