Passion is Personal Perfection

“Hey, so what would you say is your passion…?”

“Dang dawg, just gonna throw out those deep questions out there…. Man idk… Singing?”

This is how every conversation I have with this topic goes. People stutter and shut down and seem almost scared to share the passion mostly because classifying something as a passion is hard when you don’t really know the definition.

Well, let me try to help. According to, a passion is defined as “the object of such a fondness or desire” or “a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything”.

This definition is a lot.  I am not a commitment-phobe by any chance but committing to a thing by saying that I have an “extravagant fondness” for it might be a little out of mine and others comfort zones.

I have lived my life terrified of this question and also being a propagator. Every time I am asked this, I struggle and stutter to come up with an answer that I believe is pleasing. I don’t want to say that my passion is going to parties — because people don’t enjoy that answer — even though being surrounded by people is a setting that makes me the happiest.

The expectation in what a passion must be and the pressure to even have one is big. People expect you top say your passion is something extravagant and be something such as; “devoting your life to helping people, or riding horses or learning languages or even forever enriching minds by learning”.

There is nothing wrong with any of these but there is also nothing wrong about having a passion for sleep or alone time– because humans forget there has to be self-care in all that we do. But the biggest message I want to convey is that no passion can be your answer. We are all still young and still learning who we are and what we like to do. If you are not ready to make that commitment then . . . . . . . .  DON’T. Everything is personal and every answer you utter is perfection, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

P.S. The picture is because I went to a car show this weekend and fell deeply in love with this car.


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