Show up and show out

Today, I start something that has always been on the back of my mind fighting to come to fruition. There is of course not a lack of motivational websites and people shoving their own advice down your throat. And after having a pretty rough couple of weeks I have found unfortunately no life changing experience from them. There is power in thoughtful word and good advice.

There is power in real experiences and heartfelt emotions and I believe that’s whats missing.  After perusing through many sites and countless blogs I feel that the lack of reliability is prominent. This series is as much for me as it is for anyone who wants to listen — to be honest, maybe even more so for me.

I am PASSIONATE… H O P E F U L… and RESILIENT. I am hoping that through this vulnerability, the kick in the butt, or the silver lining that you need is achieved.

This series is me showing up and making myself reliable for my own happiness by becoming more confident in myself and by doing this I will inevitable show out — bring you all with me and make a beautiful impression.


Good job for getting through this intro… see you tomorrow for my first day of showing out.


P.S: If you have a specific struggle that you would like to be addressed or a particular topic that just needs a little motivation. Please let me know



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